Senior Russian MP hits back at US senator’s "Arab Spring" tweet to Putin

Excerpt from report by corporate-owned Russian news agency Interfax

Moscow, 6 February: Head of the One Russia faction in the State Duma Andrey Vorobyev believes that recent statement of US politician John McCain are provocative.

"I call on all political parties and public movements to refrain from yielding to provocative statements from top representatives of the US establishment and prevent interference into the affairs of the sovereign country by people with sinister intentions," Vorobyev told Interfax today. "Their statements are in essence incitement to revolution," he added. "Senator, all of us, we do not want revolution and we will not allow it to happen," Vorobyev said. He regretted that "there are people for whom writing nasty things on Twitter is a habit".

As a rule, these are anonymous authors who do no not bear responsibility for what they said and what is going on, Vorobyev said. "However, tactics of this kind are absolutely unbecoming for people who serve as public officials and who contribute to the formation of global politics," he said.

"You senator McCain, are forming this bad habit and threatening our country in vain. After all, everybody who took part in rallies on Saturday [4 February] wish changes and are united with the desire to solve problems that are important to Russian residents. As it is known to the whole world, the USA has enough of its own problems," Vorobyev said. [Passage omitted: In a 5 December 2011 tweet addressed to Vladimir Putin, John McCain said that the Arab Spring was approaching Putin’s "vicinity".]

Source: Interfax news agency, Moscow, in Russian 0745 gmt 6 Feb 12


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