Tajik authorities investigate death of Islamic Revival Party functionary in Gorno-Badakhshan

2012-07-30 14:47:00

Dushanbe, July 30, Interfax – Head of the local organization of the Islamic Revival Party of Tajikistan Sabzali Mamadrizoyev was found dead after the Tajik police operation in the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region. He died a violent death, the party’s website reported on Monday.

Police sources confirmed the information to Interfax. They said an investigation had begun.

"The body of Mamadrizoyev, head of the Islamic Revival Party of Tajikistan organization in the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region, was found on July 26 with traces of violence. He was buried on the same day," the party said.

"A criminal case was opened over the death of Mamadrizoyev. An investigation is in progress," the source said.

In his words, detectives will find out whether Mamadrizoyev was murdered or killed by a stray bullet in the police operation against illegal armed units in Khorog, the administrative center of the autonomous region, and its suburbs on July 24.

"There was no autopsy, which complicated the investigation. The body was immediately handed over to the family and buried by Islamic tradition," he said.

Most residents of Tajikistan are Muslim. Families of victims rarely permit an autopsy or examinations; they prefer burying the dead rapidly as tradition binds.

The party has not made any suggestions concerning the death.

The Tajik Interior Ministry reported on July 29 after almost a week of negotiations that militants had started laying down arms. The police operation of July 24 killed 17 servicemen and wounded 40. The police killed 30 militants and detained 41.

The Islamic Revival Party of Tajikistan is the only legal Islamic party on the post-Soviet space. In the Tajik Civil War of 1992-1997, it was the locomotive force of the United Tajik Opposition, which was fighting the Popular Front of President Emomali Rahmon.

The party now has two deputies in the 63-member lower house of the parliament.


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