Tatar officials are powerless before Wahabis, republic turns into second Dagestan – expert

2012-07-26 16:34:00

Kazan, July 26, Interfax – Head of the Volga Region Center for Regional, Ethnical and Religious Research at the Russian Institute for Strategic Studies Rais Suleimanov is convinced that an attempt on Tatar mufti Ildus Faisov’s life and assassination of his deputy Valiulla Yakupov were made by Wahabis.

"The tragedy in Tatarstan is rooted in Wahabi ideology that stands for eliminating any dissents in Islam and accepts that only they are right. When Wahabis don’t have any arguments to convince people they chose terror as a rapid way to take power in Muslim ummah," the expert said in his interview with the KazanWeek website.

According to him, there are regional officials who misinform governmental authorities saying there is no Wahhabism in the region and even if there are some Wahabis they are controlled, however, it is not true.

Suleimanov says that traditional Muslim clerics and experts always warned that Wahabi ideology had already grasped significant number of people and "not only ordinary parishioners, but spiritual leaders with high status, business circles and even bureaucracy, but no one paid attention to their words."

"Tatarstan is gradually turning into something like Dagestan on the Volga. The events that took place in the North Caucasus 10-15 years ago are copied in the Volga Region. Ordinary muftis and muftis who support traditional Islamic trends were also shot there," the expert said.


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