Whither the Medvedev Initiative on European Security?

by Isabelle François
Transatlantic Current
December 2011

Key Points

◆ The past 20 years have been
marked by several U.S. and NATO
attempts to reach out to the
Russian Federation to develop a
cooperative security framework
aimed at facing common threats
and challenges through joint
actions. European security,
however, remains marred by
significant security challenges.

◆ In 2009, Russian President Dmitry
Medvedev launched an initiative
investing considerable efforts in
redefining the European security
architecture in an inclusive and
comprehensive manner, but fell
short of defining and addressing
common interests.

◆ A broad dialogue on “hard
security” issues that addresses
Russian perceptions and concerns
is required with a genuine
attempt to reconcile differences.
This paper offers the basis for
developing such a dialogue
making best use of the 2009
Russian proposal in the event that
the United States and Allies can
address the Russian desire to have
a more expansive role and garner
respect at the European table.



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