Armed Uzbek Islamists killed in Saratov Region – investigators

2012-07-13 10:03:00

Saratov, July 13, Interfax – Security officers in the Saratov Region had to use firearms during a special operation; a native of Uzbekistan who showed resistance has died, the Russian Investigative Committee Investigative Directorate for the region said.

"On July 11, regional security officers arrived to a house in the village of Lugovskoye in the Rovnoye district for conducting search operations (house search) sanctioned by the Saratov garrison military court. When they tried to enter the house, a 60-year-old native of Uzbekistan who lived in it showed resistance and fired multiple shots from a Makarov pistol," the statement said.

Regional security officers opened a return fire, as a result of which the man sustained gunshot injuries and died at the scene, the statement said.

The search of the man’s house and the house of his acquaintance led to the discovery of an arsenal of weapons and extremist literature banned by the Russian Supreme Court.

In particular, the following items were seized: a Makarov pistol, two RGD-5 grenades with fuses, an F-1 grenade with a fuse, a tin containing 400 grams of plastic explosive, a 400-gram TNT bomb, a 100-gram fragment of a TNT bomb, two 16-millimeter caliber sawed-off hunter rifles, a sawed-off hunter rifle with an 5.6 millimeter caliber insertion, forty-nine 5.6 millimeter cartridges, eight 9 millimeter cartridges, 120 grams of light color powder (presumably heroin).

Officers also seized five As-Salafiya brochures included in the Federal list of extremist materials, a CD "On the purity of Islam," note-books with notes in Arabic, a laptop with Internet connection and an Arabic keyboard.

The seized material has been sent to experts for analysis.

A criminal case has been opened over attempted murder and illegal acquisition and possession of a firearm.


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