Special operation against Ingush students

Georgia Times | 2012-08-09 15:21

In late July, the national Anti-Terrorism Committee reported the elimination of three militants on the territory of the Ingush State University – Islam Tachiev, Magomed Khayauri and Arthur Karsamauli. But these young people could not be members of illegal armed formations, because they lived in Moscow for the last years and studied in the Moscow institutes of higher education. None of the students of the same year, with whom GTimes correspondent has talked, believes in their guilt. Parents of the slain require an investigation of the deaths of their sons, which, according to their information, were dressed in camouflage after the death and the weapons had been planted to the place they were found.

The statement of the National Anti-Terrorist Committee from July 29 was not unusual. All as always – bandits in the Ingush village of Ordzhonikidzevskaya were eliminated by return fire during the search actions. On the place of shooting in the yard of the Ingush State University there were found two AK-47 and two PM pistols, one of which was equipped with a device for silent shooting. One bandit has disappeared, three were killed: Magomed Khayauri, born in 1991, Arthur Karsamauli, born in 1986, and Islam Tachiev, born in 1992.

Mother of Islam, Lisa Tachieva, mother of Magomed, Madash Khayauri and father of Arthur have appealed to the Amnesty international, "Memorial", Moscow Helsinki group and the Ingush Human Rights organization "Mashr", with statements, describing the tragic events in the University yard differently, referring to the testimony of eyewitnesses.

The people have seen the guys in T-shirts walking across the yard. Most likely, they were going to the mosque. They sat down on a bench to wait for the time of the evening prayer. Suddenly, employees of power structures stormed on the territory of the University and opened fire. Then the guys were finished off with control shots. "Many residents have heard firing; they say the firing was one-sided with subsequent single shots", said Enver Karsamauli, the father of Arthur.

The same witnesses say after the murder the guys were dressed in camouflage, weapons was laid next to them; all this was shot on video and photo. Thus the students and the graduate of the Moscow institutes of higher education were turned into militants.

Arthur was a good athlete. In Moscow he received the diploma of the lawyer. He arrived home in the month of Ramadan. Islam and Magomed passed at the fifth course. Islam studied at the faculty of General economic in the Academy n.a. Plekhanov, specialized in the national economy. He attended lectures and seminars every day. He lived with relatives, had permanent residence in Moscow.

A classmate Mansur Asalaev called him "golden boy". "He studied not very well. We studied on the budget base. He went in for sports. At first he went in for classic wrestling, and then – freestyle wrestling. You can say something negative about any person. I can’t say something similar about him. He was perfect boy", Mansur told correspondent GTimes.

With regard to religious beliefs, Islam was not a fanatic, although he knew well the faith of the ancestors. The same can be said about Magomed. His former fellow-student from Moscow State Technical University of Radio Engineering, Electronics and Automatics (MIREA) Sergey says that sometimes Muhammad asked permission to leave for the prayer. "But he was not a fanatic, he was really religious person. Faith led him through this life", said a classmate in an interview tGo Times correspondent.

"He studied very well, nearly got a scholarship", Sergey says about Magomed. "I went in for the gym, he went in for volleyball, played in the Institute team of MIREA. He was an open guy, very versatile. He listened to the music, watched movies; we went to the cinema with him".

Magomed lived in Moscow while studying; only occasionally visiting relatives and his bride in Ingushetia. He was going to marry during his last visit.

How could a diligent student, who has got an invitation to work in the state archives under the President of Russia, become a bandit for a couple of weeks of the holidays? "I’s like to see those who call him a militant", Sergey says. "I understand this is politics, but it is ugly, not only in relation to the boy, who was not even 25. It is ugly in relation to his parents. He was sympathetic friend and just a good man".

All classmates of the deceased are ready to give the most positive characteristics of the young men, who, obviously, were quite accidentally killed and slandered by the law enforcers. But would it help to obtain justice? Now in this issue much depends on the courage of eyewitnesses. Only their testimony may be the basis for the protection of the rights of the relatives of the victims. Such is the view of Magomed Tochiev’s lawyer he expressed GTimes.


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