Dagestani leadership issues a statement in connection with the murder of Said-Afandi Chirkeysky

RIA «Dagestan» – Republican information agency

Makhachkala, August 29, 2012. The Head of the Republic of Dagestan, the republican Parliament and the Government of the Republic of Dagestan made a statement in connection with the tragedy that took place yesterday, August 28, in the village of Chirkey of Buinaksky district of Dagestan, when the house of Sheikh Said-Afandi Chirkeysky (Atsaev) was attacked by a suicide terrorist during a sermon. As a result of multiple wounds, Sheikh Said Afandi died on the spot. Along with him there were killed another five people, including a child, dozens of people got injures.

"This terrible tragedy shook Dagestan, cause pain and anger of our people. On behalf of all Dagestanis and the government of the republic we express our deepest sympathy and condolences to the families and friends of those killed and injured.

Sheikh Said Afandi Chirkeisk enjoyed unquestioned authority in the republic and abroad. His wise words, for many years served as a spiritual enlightenment of society putting people on the right track of peace and reconciliation, taught youth to follow the highest moral values ​​of Islam, Dagestani culture, humanistic traditions of our people. Thousands believed, trusted him and asked him for a piece of advice or teachings. Sheikh Said Afandi was firmly mercy, kindness, non-violenct, condemned radicalism in all views and actions, openly spoke against extremism and terrorism.

His speech at the III Congress of the Peoples of Dagestan was a real call for peace, unity and consolidation of our society. He was open to everyone. He invited doubting and the lost to his home, spoke of his willingness to explain how to behave as an honest man, a Muslim, warned against the harmful actions of accomplishment, always worried about Dagestan. It is an irreparable loss to all of us.

The assassination of Sheikh Said-Afandi Chirkeysky is another inhuman and cynical crime against religious figures of our society, brave and outstanding personalities, who are still a moral beacon for all of Dagestanis. He actively opposed to terrorist ideologues that try to substitute the true spiritual values ​​with false propaganda and hateful ideas.

But they will not work! Dagestan authorities will take all necessary measures to give criminals what they deserve. We encourage Dagestanis for the future of the republic to perform their civic duty to provide all possible assistance to law enforcement agencies in combating extremism and terrorism.

Criminals cannot split Dagestan, destroy our unity, spread fear and hatred on the ground of Dagestan, where for centuries coexisted the representatives of different nations, religions and cultures. Authoritative ideas of spiritual leaders of Dagestan will live in the affairs of many followers! "- the statement of the republican leadership runs.



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