Buffer Mini-States Are Emerging in Central Asia

The SCO Countries Are Concerned at the Threats That Will Arise Following the Withdrawal of the International Force from Afghanistan
Vladimir Mukhin
Nezavisimaya Gazeta Online, 2 April 2014,

"We do not share the optimism of Western countries in their estimates of the prospects of a stabilization of the situation in Afghanistan. The activity of international terrorist and Islamic extremist organizations in the country remains high…. We forecast the increased activity of terrorists in proximity to Russia’s borders…"


See also:

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As U.S. interest in the region wanes, the prospects for Central Asia security are uncertain at best.
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Mr. Matthew Stein, FMSO-JRIC Analyst. January 2013

EU and NATO engagement with the SCO: Afghanistan as a pilot
Marcel de Haas
Europe’s World, 7 May 2014


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