Yury Gavrilov
DEFENSE and SECURITY (Russia) | June 6, 2014 Friday


More than 1,200 draftees of the Southern Military District will serve at ships and in coastal troops of the Black Sea Fleet. The press service of the Southern Military District reported this yesterday.

Six weeks before completion of the spring draft 400 young soldiers already arrived to the military units stationed on Crimean Peninsula. Before sending to the army all of them received personal electronic cards with biometric information and information about initial military training. Draftees were also given bankcards to which soldiers’ salaries of 2,000 rubles would be transferred monthly.

Military officials explain a relatively small draft to Crimean garrisons by the human resources policy of the Defense Ministry: crews of ships and marine units are manned predominantly with professional soldiers and sailors now. For them the Armed Forces try to create decent conditions of life and service. For example, this explains a big quantity of candidates for the role of contract servicemen. For example, this year the Defense Ministry already fulfilled a plan of their recruitment by 80%.

However, not everything is that simple. At a meeting in the Defense Ministry Sergei Shoigu said frankly that commanders who infringed on rights of contract servicemen discredited professional human resources policy. This is applicable to the time of arrival of soldiers to service, duration of exercises with them, time of departure from a military unit and procedure of granting of leisure to contract servicemen. The minister demanded the officers to strictly observe requirements of article 224 of the regulations of internal service of the Armed Forces and regulations of service time for professional servicemen.

Crimean guys are not drafted to the army yet. Although the Defense Minister announced this soon after entrance of the peninsula into Russia, there appeared the people willing to speculate on this topic quickly. One of the newspapers said with reference to Crimean and Ukrainian mass media that this spring and summer conscripts from the peninsula would be drafted and sent to serve to the Far East and Dagestan. It was also said that this news alarmed parents of conscripts very much and many of them "started speaking about intention to give up the recently received Russian citizenship and even to arrange protest actions."

The Defense Ministry responded to the obviously provocative publication. General Igor Konashenkov, head of the press service and information department of the Defense Ministry, denied such information. The reason was not in the fact that Crimean youths were afraid of military service. The drafting plan was composed in the General Staff before the entrance of the peninsula into Russia and so young residents of Crimea were not mentioned there. The system of military registration in the new Russian subjects also requires readjustment in accordance with the normative legal base that is in effect in our country. So, the Defense Ministry decided to postpone the draft in Crimea and Sevastopol until spring of 2015.

Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said:

– It is presumed that they will serve on the Crimean Peninsula until the end of 2016 and afterwards they will serve on the entire territory of Russia.

Source: Rossiyskaya Gazeta, June 04, 2014, p. 17



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