Alexander Stepanov
June 4, 2014 Wednesday


Military camp of new type and training range Raevsky where exercises of military units up to battalion could be organized were inspected by Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu in the course of a working trip to the Southern Military District. Six new training points for grenade launchers, crews of the field air defense, communication specialists, combat engineers, specialists of radioactive, chemical and biological defense and logistic will appear at the training range soon. The Defense Minister also examined objects of the military camp of the seventh airborne assault (mountain) division of the Airborne Forces.

Vityazevo airfield located outside of the city met Shoigu with a really resort weather.

Commander of the Southern Military District Alexander Galkin and Commander of the Airborne Forces Vladimir Shamanov reported situation to the minister and immediately invited him to a helicopter to examine training center and training range Raevsky where servicemen of the seventh guard airborne assault mountain division were being trained. After the flight the minister was met by commander of the division Colonel Roman Breus.

The officer reported:

– A separate reconnaissance battalion and the first battalions of regiments were manned with contract servicemen.

The minister asked how manning of the division was going on.

The division commander reported:

– According to plans of the Airborne Forces command, by the end of 2014 the division will be manned with contract servicemen by 80%. Preplanned replacement of fired conscript servicemen with contract servicemen is currently underway.

Afterwards the minister examined the models of armament and military hardware with which paratroopers of Novorossiysk were armed. There were PSS pistols and Yarygin pistols on the stands. Paratroopers will be armed with them instead of familiar Makarov. There were sniper rifles Mannlicher and other models of newest small arms, as well as antitank missiles Kornet and mortars.

Shoigu also examined the outfits of paratroopers for actions in the mountains.

Having put a winter glove on the hand, Shoigu asked mountain training instructor Captain Vitaly Kosarev:

– Are gloves convenient, doesn’t a hand sweat in them?

The officer answered:

– They are convenient and moist resistant.

– Have you tried them personally? They report to me that everything is good but nobody has tested them in reality.

Kosarev reported:

– I have tested them personally, this is a convenient thing.

Having taken the skiing boots, Shoigu proposed examination of the instructor.

The minister asked:

– How to go to attack in this?

Kosarev answered:

– The boots are with us, we change them after the descent. If necessary, we will run even in them.

Afterwards, Shoigu examined a storage facility for armored vehicles and automobiles where up to 820 vehicles could be accommodated. After that, he transited to examination of a comprehensive building that accommodated a medical point, a staff, barracks and a mess room.

Shoigu approved the work. He said that he had no doubts that everything would be prepared on time but he demanded the builders to ensure the highest quality of work.

Modernization of the training range that allows imitation of combat operations in mountain conditions will be completed in 2015. The training range has dimensions of 5×10.8 kilometers. At Raevsky training range it is possible to have firing exercises at a mountain shooting range. Its throughput capacity is up to one platoon per hour.

Source: Moskovsky Komsomolets, May 31, 2014, p. 2


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