Russia indicts Ukraine’s Kolomoisky, Avakov for using prohibited means of warfare

They pass accused on the case of application of the forbidden methods of war. Are on this case recognized as victims of nearly 1.5 thousand people

MOSCOW, June 21, 2014 /ITAR-TASS/. Russia’s Investigative Committee has issued a resolution to indict the governor of Ukraine’s Dnepropetrovsk Region, Igor Kolomoisky and parliament-appointed Interior Minister Arsen Avakov on charges of using prohibited means and methods of warfare, IC spokesman Vladimir Markin has told Itar-Tass.

“In the near future the investigators will put Avakov and Kolomoisky on the international wanted list and request a court warrant for their arrest,” he said.

Within the framework of the same criminal case measures are being taken to identity the commanders and rank-and-file of the Ukrainian Armed forces, the National Guard of Ukraine and Right Sector militants who have participated in the military operation against civilians in the southeast of Ukraine,” Markin said.

Nearly fifteen hundred people have been recognized as victims of prohibited means of warfare in Ukraine, he told.

“A group of investigators in charge of this criminal case have been conducting extensive inquiries and questionings in the territories of the Rostov Region, the Republic of Crimea, and also Belgorod, Voronezh, Bryansk and Kursk regions. They have interviewed 2,350 witnesses and 1,420 people, including 208 minors, have been recognized as victims. More than one thousand people have handed over to Russian investigators their complaints to be taken to the International Criminal Court and the European Court of Human Rights.



Russian top investigator vows "retribution" for "grave crimes" in Ukraine’s east

Text of report by privately-owned Russian news agency Interfax

Moscow, 11 June: Head of the Russian Investigations Committee Aleksandr Bastrykin has no doubts that Ukrainian law enforcers that are using arms against Donbass residents will face trial in the international court.

"Not a single one of those who are committing grave crimes in southeastern Ukraine will escape their deserved retribution. We will reach them even on the bottom of the ocean as was said in a statement in 1943 (at the Tehran conference)," Bastrykin said at a forum devoted to the 120th anniversary of [Soviet] commander Fedor Tolbukhin in Moscow on Wednesday [11 June].

"They will be brought to moral, political and criminal accountability sooner or later for their actions that they are committing against the Ukrainian people," Bastrykin added.

He noted that the Investigations Committee is documenting everything that is going on in Ukraine not the least using space technology.

"We will work with secret services and law enforcement bodies until each one of them starting from Ukrainian army privates to leaders such as [Arsen] Avakov (Ukrainian interior minister) face the international justice system," Bastrykin said.

He recalled that the Investigations Committee had launched a criminal case on crimes "that are being committed in southeastern Ukraine".

"This is an unprecedented event in the history of human wars when aircraft fire at hospitals, orphanages, maternity clinics and civilians only because they live on this land, wish to be heard and wish to express their opinion on what is going on and on their future and the future of their children and grandchildren," Bastrykin said.

"Norms of international law give us the legal and moral right to prosecute and bring to criminal accountability each serviceman, each commander, each military official – if such generals and officers could be called so – who are firing at civilians from tanks and Grad [artillery] installations," Bastrykin added.

Source: Interfax news agency, Moscow, in Russian 0723 gmt 11 Jun 14

Russian TV news: US "mercenaries" and "weapon of genocide" in Ukraine

Main themes on Russian primetime TV news on Channel One, Rossiya 1 and NTV on 13 June

On a public holiday Friday, the primetime bulletins on Russian state TV were considerably shorter than they have been nearly every weekday since the start of the Ukraine crisis, which, once again, accounted for the bulk of the news. The US invasion in 2003 was said to have sown the seeds of Iraq’s current crisis.

English-speaking "mercenaries" said fighting alongside government forces in Ukraine

Reports from the southern town of Mariupol (Donetsk Region), which government forces took under control after some fighting at dawn, suggested that English-speaking "mercenaries" have been fighting alongside Ukrainian troops. Gazprom-owned NTV and official state channel Rossiya 1 linked them to the United States army.

We have received "first visual confirmation" of the presence in Ukraine of foreign fighters, NTV declared. It was a badge on the arm of a fighter, which, the viewers were told, was the same as that worn by the US army’s Golden Hawks. Rossiya 1 TV’s correspondent made similar observations, saying that it was "NATO camouflage"; insignia was "exactly" the same as that on the uniforms of Golden Hawks.

Further evidence of foreign involvement came in the form of an audio clip in (apparently non-native) English. Two of the voices allegedly belonged to "James and Mike". They were "in charge of the operation" in Mariupol, NTV said. Rossiya 1 said that these English-speaking men "coordinated" fire.

Government forces use "genocide" weapon

Rossiya 1 TV said that "military experts, including ones from the West," had concluded that government forces have used incendiary ammunition containing phosphorus against civilians in eastern Ukraine. Rossiya 1 also said that white phosphorus bombs must have been supplied from the United States. Their use allegedly took place at the village of Semenivka, near the town of Slovyansk.

Channel One TV too referred to the Semenivka story but stopped short of claiming bombs containing phosphorus had been used. A "scandal" has erupted over reports about their "possible use", it said.

In Rossiya 1 TV’s report an unidentified man spoke of the risks of "radiation" and "chemical burns" that the use of these bombs carries, while a Russian colonel told the viewers that "this is a weapon of genocide". The correspondent added that phosphorus bombs "have been formally equated to chemical weapons of mass destruction and banned throughout the world".

To illustrate the damage they can do to human, video showed severe burns on the body of a boy injured "during a shelling of Gaza Strip in early 2009". At Semenivka, Rossiya 1 claimed, Ukrainian forces wanted to destroy "every living being" with "particular brutality".

Fedor Berezin, the self-proclaimed deputy defence minister of the Donetsk People’s Republic, told Rossiya 1 that the Ukrainian army didn’t have phosphorus bombs in its inventory, while the US did. "Consequently, it came from there," concluded Berezin.

The correspondent said that the US used white phosphorus bombs in Iraq and since then, "as studies have shown, cases of cancer among children have increased fourteen-fold, cases of leukaemia thirty-eight-fold".

Iraq coming apart at seams, America to blame

NTV and Rossiya 1 laid the responsibility for the current Iraq crisis at the door of the United States. Quoting former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Russian TV said the invasion of Iraq was a "mistake" that ordinary Iraqis were now paying a heavy price for.

"The situation is close to being catastrophic," NTV said. America has "again failed to bring democracy" into a foreign country and Iraq is "coming apart at the seams".

"Having destroyed hundreds of thousands of lives, spent nearly a trillion of American taxpayer dollars and deposed Saddam Husayn, Washington achieved the liquidation of the Iraqi army but failed to train a replacement," Rossiya 1 observed. Now, radical militants have "triumphantly" entered Mosul; their target is Baghdad, it said.

Source: as listed in Russian 1900 gmt 13 Jun 14


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