Vladimir Mukhin
June 11, 2014 Wednesday


Events in Ukraine force the military political leaders of Russia to include various options of actions and factor of unpredictability into the combat plans. Railway troops of the Central Military District were alerted on Saturday according to directive of President Vladimir Putin. They not only build troops in the flooded areas of the Siberian Military District but also work out tasks related to mobile transportation of troops at big distances. Similar sudden tasks but on a much bigger scale will also be set during strategic exercises East-2014, the biggest this year. Lieutenant General Ivan Buvaltsev, head of the Main Combat Training Directorate of the Armed Forces, announced this on June 7.

Scenario of these exercises will not be known to their participants beforehand and the place of organization will allow use of all branches of troops. It is also a secret and when and where the exercises will begin.

Military expert Lieutenant General Yury Netkachev presumes that a part of forces used in East-2014 exercises may be used in the west of Russia. Netkachev remarks, "Scenario of these exercises may be such that, for example, groups of forces will be relocated from the Far East and Siberia to the center and southwest of Russia to strengthen the border with Ukraine. Possibility of such actions is confirmed by the words of Buvaltsev that troops of not only Eastern Military District but also the Airborne Forces, long-range aviation and all branches of troops wall be used in East-2014."

Back in January of 2014, Chief of the General Staff Army General Valery Gerasimov announced that "strategic command staff exercises East-2014 are planned for September of the current year." It was said then that during the exercises it was planned to allocate a big part of the training time to working out of issues related to commanding of inter-branch groups of forces and comprehensive procurement. Participation of collective security forces of the CSTO was planned too.

Correspondent member of the academy of military sciences Colonel Eduard Rodyukov says, "I presume that significant changes were made in the plan of East-2014 exercises now because they had been planned when the situation in Ukraine was relatively quiet and Crimea was within it." According to Rodyukov, Russia received new challenges now. The expert said, "Kiev announces revanchist plans of possibility of return of the peninsula under its protection and NATO forces are concentrated in Poland, Baltic republics and Black Sea region, that is near the borders of Russia. I think that in these circumstances the main military exercises of the year may begin, first, earlier or later than the period of time named by Gerasimov (September of 2014). Second, the Armed Forces will be exposed to new training checks. Even bigger mobility, possibility of reinforcement of forces and means in threatened regions, use of precision-guided weapons and a big quantity of formations of manpower including peacekeeping contingents will be distinctive peculiarities of the exercises."

Source: Nezavisimaya Gazeta, June 09, 2014, p. 1



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