Ukrainian ministry outlines defence expenditures

Ukraine’s military expenditures have totalled 20.1bn hryvnyas (about 1.82bn dollars), which amounts to 1.25 per cent of GDP, the Interfax-Ukraine news agency quoted the deputy head of the Defence Ministry’s finance department, Serhiy Vynnyk, as saying on 12 June.

Budget funding, expenditures

"As of today, the financial resources of the Ukrainian Defence Ministry total 20.1bn hryvnyas. This is 1.25 per cent of Ukraine’s GDP," he was quoted as telling a briefing in Kiev.

He also said that 15.6bn hryvnyas was allocated for the needs of the ministry in line with the 2014 state budget. This sum totalled 0.99 per cent of the GDP or 63 per cent of the ministry’s actual needs. However, an additional 4.77bn hryvnyas was allotted from the budget’s reserve fund after the law on partial mobilization came into effect, Interfax-Ukraine noted.

According to an UNIAN news agency report at 1008 gmt on 12 June, Vynnyk also told journalists that the Defence Ministry had received 6.4bn hryvnyas in January-June. Over 5.2bn of this money has already been used on the following:

– 4.1bn hryvnyas to pay for salaries;

– 386m hryvnyas to pay utility bills;

– 259m hryvnyas for the purchase and repairs of arms and hardware;

– 249m hryvnyas for food;

– 30.7m hryvnyas for the training of troops.

About 1.2bn hryvnyas remained unused, UNIAN said, quoting Vynnyk.

Reserve fund

The money that came from the reserve fund (4.77bn hryvnyas), was spent on the following:

– 1.5bn hryvnyas on the repairs of arms and hardware;

– 1.4bn hryvnyas on the purchase of fuel and lubricants;

– 742.9m hryvnyas on salaries for troops;

– 612m hryvnyas on the purchase and modernization of arms and hardware;

– 118m hryvnyas on the purchase of bullet-proof vests;

– 94.5m hryvnyas on food for personnel;

– 85.9bn hryvnyas on transport costs related to training at camps;

– 81.5m hryvnyas on communications;

– 29.7m hryvnyas on training camps;

– 44.9m hryvnyas on clothes as well as on "bathing and laundry services";

– 22.5m hryvnyas on assistance to the families of participants in the security operation.

Delays in spending donated funds

Vynnyk added that the Defence Ministry had used only 5.5 per cent of the money donated by Ukrainians as charity, UNIAN reported at 1000 gmt on the same day.

He said that only 7.1m hryvnyas of the 129.7m hryvnyas donated had been used as of now. Vynnyk noted, however, that there were plans to spend 121.9m hryvnyas on "technical needs" of the Armed Forces, while 7.8m hryvnyas was expected to be spent on medical care.

The money already used was spent on sleeping bags (4.3m hryvnyas) and medications (2.8m hryvnyas).

He said that the remaining money would be spent on helmets, shoes, sleeping bags, bedding and underwear (106.8m hryvnyas), communication devices and maps (10.8m hryvnyas) and medications (5m hryvnyas).

Vynnyk explained that among the reasons for the delays in the use of the donated money were a lack of state validation of the purchase of modern arms and poor productions capacities at local plants producing bullet-proof vests or repairing arms and hardware.

Sources: Interfax-Ukraine news agency, Kiev, in Russian 0935 gmt 12 Jun 14; UNIAN news agency, Kiev, in Ukrainian 1008 gmt 12 Jun 14; UNIAN news agency, Kiev, in Ukrainian 12 Jun 14



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