LETTER TO EDITOR. Emir Seyfullah al-Chechen

Kavkazcenter | 20 June 2014

Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds.

Peace and blessings be upon His Messenger, after whom there will be no messenger.

Peace be upon all brothers and sisters.

In this letter, I want to tell you about my beloved brother, a warrior who gave his wealth and his life in Allah’s Cause, Emir Seyfullah al-Chechen…

May Allah accept his martyrdom!

…It was a cold winter’s day at the end of 2012 when I first saw Seyfullah.

At that time, there weren’t any videos, or news on the internet about Caucasians in Syria. He gave a warm welcome to us, the newbies, asked how we got there, where we’d come from.

After several days, we went with him in a car, he was driving, he asked us about our situation with our families, whether they supported the jihad, and so on. After we spoken, he told us with a smile about his family in Pankisi Gorge (in Georgia) and his father. He was a very open person. He spoke Russian badly, but he knew another four languages – his native Chechen, fluent Georgian, Turkish, and a bit of Arabic.

One time, he and Umar al-Chechen and several other brothers were sitting in the same house when they got the news that al-Baghdadi proclaimed the State in Iraq and Levant. Everyone was happy, apart from Seyfullah, his face was sad… he considered this to be not right, that it was a discord, and he was right.

Seyfullah was a generous person. When he came to Syria he brought with him a million dollars to the Umar’s group. However, when the group had a shortage of ammo, he sold his own car and bought ammo with the money. Somehow, I ran out of cash and I owed $ 300 for repairing my car, and there was no money left. I wanted to repay the debt as soon as possible and I turned to Seyfullah, and told him about the situation. He quickly took $ 300 out of his pocket in trousers and gave it to me, asking if I needed more. I said, “I’ll give it back. I’m going to sell my car”.

He said that there was no need to give it back because we were one family. But I insisted that I’d give it back and said, “If I’m martyred before I pay you back, then take my car for the group”. But it was he who martyred.

Seyfullah was a sincere brother. Before the jihad in Syria, he had a comfortable and full life, he didn’t want anything, but he was a sincere Muslim and loved Allah, his Messenger (pbuh), and jihad on His path, more than anything else. And when the jihad started in Syria, he left everything and immigrated. He was also a participant in the jihad in Chechnya and Afghanistan. He fought in Jokhar [Chechen capital], went out with other fighters into the minefield. He was wounded. He wasn’t able to return to Chechnya, so went to Afghanistan and spent over a year in military action.

Our brother was a very active man, and always occupied with organizational issues, he was always traveling, preparing operations, sorting out finance issues, etc. He was a kind man, and I swear by Allah, I considered him most kind and gentle toward brothers, and this great kindness sometimes played against him.

Selfish, hypocritical people who call themselves Mujahideen, conspired several times against him, fanning discord, spreading rumors, slandering him, but every time Allah made it so that it Seyfullah and those who were with him benefited from it.

His health was bad. And if at the start of his jihad in Syria he could personally run with the brothers on the battlefield, then in later times, he could not allow himself to do so. He also had painful kidneys.
Seyfullah strove for knowledge and often listened lectures on his phone and in his car when he was traveling. He was in contact with jihad scholars and always consulted with them.

Before the operation to liberate the Aleppo prison, Seyfullah gathered all the brothers and said, “I want to reach the prison, I’m sick of all this world, these trophies (operations where the goal was to capture the infidels’ weapons). Our brothers, sisters, and even kids are prisoners in there. This morning, I left home and felt cold. And I thought about the sisters who are freezing. There aren’t even windows there. Allah willing, we will reach the prison and I’ll be a martyr there”.

The days before his martyrdom, Seyfullah changed. In all the time I knew him, he changed for the better, but those days he changed dramatically and significantly. He started to talk a lot about his past and say, “I was such an ignorant person” and express sorrow about his past sins.

Our cameraman, who filmed the Seyfullah’s last operation, said after his martyrdom that, “he had a different look that day, as if he felt he would leave that day…”

Shrapnel hit him in the head (video "Last fight of Emir Seyfullah al-Chechen"). After death until his funeral he smiled more and more and those who buried him said he smelled of musk. May Allah accept his martyrdom!

I testify his goodness. He was a truthful man. And let Allah take us too as martyrs!

And at the end, praise be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds!
Khalid al-Chechen

Department of Letters
Kavkaz Center



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