Top 13 Terrorists in Eastern Ukraine: a gravedigger, a criminal, a drug dealer, Santa Claus, and a fertiliser salesman



In times of peace these people would be unlikely candidates for any dignified government offices. The majority of them showed no interest for politics until spring 2014. The publication “Gordon” collected information about the thirteen most active separatists and mercenaries that have to do with the bloody events in Ukraine.

As we have managed to find out, four out of thirteen are citizens of Russia, eight of them are Ukrainians, and one of them possibly has both passports. Among those who placed themselves as the leadership of Donetsk and Luhansk “People’s Republics,” there are even those that don’t have university diplomas. Some of them even rooted for the MMM financial pyramid, some distributed marijuana, another one sold toilet cleaning products. Among today’s “voices of Donetsk” there are former convicts, successful political technologists, there are machinators that say they are Ph.D. candidates. It should be noted that the list also includes a person who has been engaging in separatist activity in the east for almost 10 years. Why for so long and why so successfully, as we can see now, is a question for the Ukrainian law enforcement.

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