“Your Caucasus Emirate Mates Only Fight Alawites” – An ISIS Chechen Writes About “Fitna”

From Chechnya to Syria | June 4, 2014

A Russian-speaking jihadi linked to or part of ISIS has written a series of posts on social media, giving ISIS’s narrative of the events around the start of the hostilities between ISIS and Syrian brigades at the start of the year

The first two posts, written by “Abu-Ibrahim Muhadjir”, document events up until and including a speech made by ISIS military emir’s second-in-command, Abu Jihad, which explains that Umar’s faction joined ISIS because it was the only faction that agreed to help them send North Caucasian fighters back home to fight there.

In this post, the author slams ISIS’s opponents as “hypocrites”, and accuses them of using the media to discredit ISIS. He also says that some North Caucasians, including from the “Imarat” – i.e. the Caucasus Emirate, meaning Jaish al-Muhajireen wal-Ansar – just sat around and didn’t wage jihad, because of doubts they experienced. This has become a common criticism leveled by ISIS against fighters in their rival brigade Jaish al-Muhajireen wal-Ansar.

NB: Use of the translation or extracts is not permitted without the author’s consent.

And we gave them 24 hours. During which time they had to open all checkpoints for ISIS fighters to pass, release captured women and men, and stop all provocations relating to ISIS. If not, the traitors could be guaranteed an adequate response from all barrels, even if that meant leaving the military ribat. We must clarify this important juncture, which was exaggerated by the hypocrites and skeptics to an enormous size.

The events that took place in Aleppo province would have been impossible had the ribats with the Assadites been held by all those “Army of Hypocrites” and others. But the ratio of ISIS guardians of the ribat to the rest was almost 50 on 50. That is there were 500 people from ISIS and 500 from ALL the rest. All these others included IF, “Al-Qoida” (sic), Haiwani, Afasha and the rest of “Jaish Munafikeen”, at that time they had all of 3 ribats with the Nusayris, though most of those guys on the ribats were negotiating to join ISIS.

It’s understood that the hypocrites did not want to leave the ribats with the Alawites empty and under attack from their villages in districts in Aleppo. But the wheels were in motion, the criminal plan had started and they did not want, nay, could not, back away from the orders of their daddies.

Therefore, the second wave started – the attacks in the mass media. There wasn’t a single enemy, including Bashar Assad, who had so many dirty lies poured on him like those splashed by these hairsplitters. They got everyone hooked! Starting with the FSA channel on Syrian TV and ending with all sorts of Tartousis and Muhaisanis. Everyone thought it was his duty to note, log in, and of course, subsequently go on a spree.

It was all paid for and everything was included,. You want to talk, be my guest, at your service, any channel from Qatar to Turkey. There’s just one condition: ISIS = mushkila [problem]. Say that magic phrase and then you can babble any nonsense you like, and afterwards you’ll get foodstamps that you can use in the stall of the Central Committee of Saudi Arabia.

Sometimes, though, there were incidents. It happened that some beardless chap, apparently committed to the secular lifestyle, got backed into a corner by the questions of a grizzled “Islamist”, who unleashed such a blizzard that even a housewife, hungry for sensationalism, used to all kinds of shampoos, wouldn’t want to eat it.

It was a test from Allah, but it was passed only by those who by the grace of the Almighty, had always been sincere. The ones who had evasiveness in their hearts, or [who] at best were lurking or had broken loose like a black dog that had zeroed in on you.

It was true, there’s another category, those who went from being Muslims to just sitting around. Because of doubts they’d experienced. And at that time they were closed to Kufr than Iman.

And you went – from Raqqa to Tabka, from Tabka to Maskana, after to Deir Hafer, and from Deir Hafer to Al Bab. From Al Bab to the jami’a and Manbij, ar-Roi and Sirin. Towns were conquered, the Sharia of Allah established. The hypocrites identified and annihilated. You met many different people on your way. Some were well-known, they came and asked you not to touch their little world. And you made a contract. But because of the fear inspired by Allah, these guys escaped from their little world in a way that surprised even experienced Mujahideen, who asked them to repeat it several times, because they didn’t believe it at first.

The villainy of some of these unfortunates knew no bounds. Treachery is one of the signs of the hypocrites. And who can be more treacherous than those who offer peace out of fear, because Allah revealed our vast army. And then, seeing 20 Mujahideen, these 300 “flipped” and demanded to surrender. So Satan polished and embellished their deeds.

And the next day, having received a gift from our brother in the form of a belt, those who remained alive yelled, ‘They murder! They explode! They break [their word!” Liars! To break something, you have to make it. And before that – You asked and YOU deceived. So you get what you wished for. And let the fire of Hell be the best reward for your treachery.

And this situation has become the norm. They themselves request, and then they break [their word]. And if it wasn’t for the order of Sheikh Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi not to fight with those who ask for peace, we’d destroy you, and we rest assured that tomorrow we wouldn’t find a knife in our backs.

And you’re Imarat [Caucasus Emirate] mate, he’s also in the third category, holed up from the “fitna”, fighting only the Alawites. In the same ranks as the “Zinkis” [the Nuraddin az-Zinki brigade] and other beauties. But more and more often you find missed Skype calls from him. Something was bothering your friend…



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