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Non-state military companies will do in Russia and not far from its borders
Andrew Rezchikov
vz.ru | June 27, 2014

"They would be useful in the territory of Ukraine to protect Russian interests and business." Experts say such words about the necessity of visiting Russian private military companies (PMCs). The relevant bill is being discussed in the State Duma. There are attempts to answer the question of how their work will be related article "Mercenaries", now present in the Criminal Code.

Ministry of Defence and the State Duma a bill on developing private military companies. On Friday said the deputy chairman of the Duma defense committee Franz Klintsevich ("United Russia"). "Such a law we need, I am sure we will take it. But here you need a very serious work, and above all – work with both the Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Internal Affairs with "- said Klintsevich, without specifying when the document can be submitted to the State Duma.

According to the deputy, the bill will be spelled different functions that can be performed PMC. "What private military company? To expand the powers of the assortment of weapons, arms and equipment, "- said the MP.

He explained that in the private military company can be a full range of military weapons. "And they can get some order to perform some tasks", – said Klintsevich.

The deputy added that PMCs are widely used in the international practice. "For example, in Afghanistan today, there are slightly more than 140,000 troops, and on them a similar bill a little more than 120,000 people are private military companies and around 40,000 are security companies that are serving to provide very many things that sometimes maybe not very well done by government authorities, "- said the MP.

Commenting on the initiative of the LDPR faction Pskov Regional Assembly deputies Klintsevich noted that their bill on PMCs should be taken at the federal level. "This is not the competence of the regional meeting of the faction of deputies. This should be regulated by federal law, there are too many nuances, "- said the deputy.

Recall, this week, the LDPR faction Pskov Regional Assembly deputies developed a draft federal law "On private military companies." Deputies proposed to legalize the activities of non-state paramilitary organizations aimed at protecting the national interests of Russia and abroad, as well as give them the right to possess weapons of war. In the West, such a system had been working, in particular, of such military help to defend the interests of the new government in Kiev.

The explanatory note to the bill states that "the events of the crisis in Ukraine, where actively used to promote the interests of the interim government in Kiev western PMCs clearly demonstrated the urgent need for the emergence of such an institution in Russia. "

According to the authors of the document, "Russia has a huge potential expansion of the market for private military services." In addition, these specialized commercial organizations "could solve tasks aimed at realization of national interests – when the use of regular armed forces politically and legally difficult."

Developers document notes that the development of such organizations in Russia is hampered by lack of the legal framework guaranteeing the legality of their activities (articles of the Criminal Code on the organization of an illegal armed group and mercenaries, as well as the current version of the law "On Weapons").

MPs propose to entrust the function of licensing of such structures on the FSB. The main base personnel of private military companies, according to Pskov LDPRovtsev should become veterans and retired law enforcement agencies. "This will solve the problem to ensure their social protection and adaptation after the service at no additional fiscal burden," – noted in a memorandum.

In a world of more than one hundred major PMCs and security companies (PSCs), primarily in the U.S., UK, France. In the scope of their activities is to protect the facilities, training of army and police units, consulting services in the field of security, logistics and support for the troops. PMCs and PSCs are working on contracts with governments and ministries of defense, as well as large multinational corporations. Several dozen such companies are now operating in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In the spring of 2012, Vladimir Putin, who at that time held the post of prime minister, supported the idea of ​​creating a system of PMCs that could provide services to the protection of facilities and training of foreign military abroad without the participation of the Russian state. "This really is a tool for the implementation of national interests without the direct involvement of the state, – Putin said. – I think that yes, you can think about it, see. "

Military expert and senior fellow at the Center for Political Studies Vadim Kozyulin notes that article because "Mercenary" in the Criminal Code (359) "theme is very slippery." "It is known that the Russian retired military and other professionals working in many countries. Served as the point of the possible. But as all this was happening abroad, the question of how to apply this article, the place was a dead end, "- said the newspaper VIEW Kozyulin.

The press said that , in Iraq, Afghanistan, Kurdistan, Sri Lanka and other hotspots worked domestic PMCs "Counterterrorism-Eagle," "Tiger Top Rent Security", "Feraks", "HSG Group", "Redoubt Anti-terror ".

In turn, the head of the Center for Military Forecasting Anatoly Tsiganok convinced that Russia was too slow with the creation of PMC twenty years, however it must be done. "Those soldiers who for some indicators can no longer serve in the army, but have combat experience, it is better to use PMCs" – said Anatoly newspaper VIEW.

At the same time he is confident that such companies should not be in the hands of the oligarchs. "First of all they should be for Gazprom and protect pipelines. This is very important. Pipelines must be protected, including the terrorist threat, "- said the expert.

Kozyulin emphasizes that in the world the activities of such companies is widely used especially in the last decade. "The U.S. is in many cases actually gave national security functions to private companies. Among the benefits – that the state saved from a headache. There is an army of mercenaries, which performs public functions for the United States and other countries, but in the interests of the United States. Times, the U.S. formally Do Not Refer to any conflict, and in fact American citizens doing this work for the money "- said the expert.

In Russia, according to him, it is worth to be equal to the world practice. "They can give security functions Russian missions abroad, foreign infrastructure projects, which are sometimes important for Russian interests or friendly Russian states. They can assign training abroad of foreign experts in the field of security, "- said Kozyulin.

He agreed with the opinion that Russia has the potential expansion of the market for private military services. According to him, many of the Western private PMCs have Russian citizenship. "Many are privately hired experts. Demand repairman Soviet technology. But it is semi-guerrilla way. All this can be put in a civilized framework, and these companies will pay taxes in Russia. Now these companies have to hide, registered abroad, "- said the expert.

He also believes that the basis for personnel of such companies should be retired military and security officials, as it opened abroad.

In turn, the military expert of the Association of Political Scientists, an assistant professor of political science and sociology RG Alexander Plekhanov Perendzhiev adds that this may make the officers who were dismissed en masse from the Armed Forces with Defense Minister Anatoly Serdyukov. "Retired officers often go to criminal organizations. They need to be put out of crime, that they act in the interests of the country, that their experience is not lost. Reserve officers working for PMCs, can be returned to service in case of need. This is a hidden reserve ", – said the newspaper VIEW Perendzhiev.

According to him, PMCs are not only outsourcing armed forces. "It can be outsourced internal troops, FSB, SVR. Fundamentally speaking, private military companies – is outsourcing in the field of national security, "- said the expert.

Vadim Kozyulin does not exclude that in the case of the rapid development of the bill and its approval by Russian PMC employees may be involved in south-eastern regions of Ukraine. "We discussed the issue of peacekeeping functions in Ukraine. It is known that private companies are often brought to this work in the most countries. There is a place for Russian companies, "- said the expert.

From the fact that in the current situation there is a need for such companies agree and Perendzhiev. "It is not that these companies will perform combat functions. They can provide the intellectual and information services to perform tasks in the sphere of material security forces. But there must be specific units that are capable of performing the functions of a military nature narrow "- sure Perendzhiev.

As an example, he cited the presence of Russian troops in Abkhazia and South Ossetia. "On this occasion, there is a conflict. Georgia considers these territories occupied. If Russia withdraws its troops from there and instead they will have a private military company, we declare that our troops there. So the Americans are doing. They withdrew their troops from Iraq, but there were private companies. They protect certain areas and act in the interests of the United States. The same system will be in Afghanistan. Perhaps they would be useful in the territory of Ukraine to protect Russian interests and business ", – the expert said, stressing that due PMCs can get away from the contact official state structures and not create grounds for a military conflict between states.

[My personal translation – RD]



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