Eurasian Youth Union and the Novorossiya Enterprise

The Eurasian Youth Union
Representatives of an Important, Largely Unknown Political Philosophy
Translation by Jordan Estes
Introduction by Josh Wilson, Assistant Director,

The short political program of The Eurasian Youth Union, presented below, perhaps belies the depth and breadth of Eurasianism’s body of philosophy.

The Eurasianists are most often grouped with Russian nationalists and considered as a fringe group of Russian politics. However, as Robert Legvold, a professor emeritus at Columbia University and former director of the Harriman Institute has said, Eurasianism is "a subject crucial to understanding today’s Russia but never given proper due." Arguments based on the philosophy’s principles are increasingly used by Russian politicians and intellectuals to form and support Russian foreign and domestic policies. Eurasianism is also increasingly popular with college-aged Russians and has supporters throughout the former Soviet space and elsewhere, notably in Turkey.

Eurasianism has roots stretching back to the Slavophiles who argued that Russia was inherently not a western or eastern civilization and that Russia should be developed based on Russian – and particularly on non-Western – principles. Eurasianism began as movement, however, in the early 20th century with Russian émigrés who believed that the new Bolshevik government would fail, making way for a new, strong state based on Russian and particularly on Russian Orthodox values.

Modern Eurasianism, sometimes referred to as Neo-Eurasianism, is a product of many post-Soviet thinkers, as can be seen in the many, highly-active and often multilingual websites devoted to it. These include those run by the Eurasian Youth Union, The International Eurasian Movement, The Eurasian Portal for Information and Analysis, and an exceptionally large YouTube presence.

The most influential of Russia’s Eurasianist activists and thinkers, however, is undoubtedly Alexander Dugin. Dugin, is a former member of the nationalist group Pamyat, which bills itself as a "People’s National Patriotic Orthodox Christian Movement" that sought to preserve Russian culture from a perceived Masonic/Zionist/Western threat. Dugin was also, however, one of the authors of the original political platform of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation when that party was formed as a successor to the banned Communist Party of the Soviet Union.

Dugin’s major body of work centers on what he calls "The Fourth Political Theory." This work-in-progress postulates that world governments have heretofore been formulated around three political theories: liberal democracy, communism, and fascism. Dugin argues that, in the contemporary world, liberal democracy, as championed by "Atlanticist" forces has become dangerously dominant. Dugin argues that this threatens to homogenize the world, stamping out minority cultures and philosophies in favor of those seen as objectively moral under Atlanticist thought. This, however, the argument continues, will cause minority cultures to rebel against western forces of globalization and make way for a new, Fourth Political Theory, which will draw from the "ruins" of the first three.

The Eursianists’ profile has grown under the political protests of 2011/2012, as they have actively counter-protested against them. The Eurasianists see these protests as being predominantly driven by an untenable union of two groups they oppose most: fascists and western-oriented liberals.

Thus, the political program of the Eurasianist Youth Union, presented below in a new translation by The School of Russian and Asian Studies, can be seen as a short, radical, and fiery expression of Dugin’s thought. The young Eurasianists would establish a new Eurasian empire wherein all cultures would be given the powers of local government to maintain their own laws and enforce their own values. To achieve this, they must fight against primarily the US, against liberals in Russia, and against a host of other enemies including "incompetent bureaucrats" and the "debased media."

As the Russian political scene continues to evolve, and particularly as Eurasianist thought finds expression in Russian policy goals such as Vladimir Putin’s proposed Eurasian Union, understanding Eurasianism will become increasingly important to understanding Russia and in formulating effective policies towards it.

Программа Евразийского Союза Молодежи

Eurasian Youth Union Party Program

Американский враг

The American Enemy

Американцы строят свою мировую империю, где нам нет места. В ней нет места ни Великой Европе, ни Свободной Азии. Нет места русским, немцам, французам, тюркам, китайцам. Это империя Нового Карфагена, где царствует убийца Молох – процентное рабство, плутократия, всевластие спекулятивных капиталов, догматы упадка и разложения, гадкая мораль наживы и вырождения.

The Americans are building a world empire within which we don’t belong. Neither mighty Europe nor free Asia will have a place within this empire; it does not welcome the Russian, German, French, Turkish, or Chinese peoples. America itself is the empire of New Carthage, bowing to the murderous Moloch,[1] with its foundations in slavery, plutocracy, the omnipotence of speculative capital, the dogmas of decadence and corruption, moral degeneration, and unfettered greed.

У нас отнимают прошлое, лишают будущего. Мы согнуты как пружина, и нас хотят вырвать с корнем из нашей родной земли.

They are consuming our past and robbing us of the future. We are being twisted and crushed. They wish to uproot us from our native land.

Надеяться не на кого. Власть растеряна и слаба. Враг силен и коварен.

We must trust no one in our task. Our government is confused and weak. The enemy is strong and cunning.

Сегодня разлагается под мягкими стратегиями глобализма не только Евразия, но мировой дух.

Today not only Eurasia but the whole world is rotting away under the influence of globalism’s soft strategies.

Так не пойдет, мы призваны стать последним бастионом. Если не мы, то никто.

This cannot be allowed. We have been called to act as the final bastion against this trend. If not us, then no one will stand against it.

Молодежь Евразии – финальная надежда

The Eurasian Youth are the last hope.

Мы, молодежь Евразии, – финальная надежда страны, континента. Всеобщая мобилизация объявлена, на кону — свобода Отечества, само существование Великой России. Враг подступает к границам вплотную. Он вовне, он внутри.

We, the youth of Eurasia, are the last hope not only of the country, but of the entire continent. A general mobilization has been declared. At stake are the freedom of the Fatherland and the very existence of Great Russia. The enemy approaches the edges of our borders; he is outside, and he is already inside.

Чтобы дать отпор внешнему врагу, надо разделаться с внутренним. Внутренний враг – сторонники США, глобалисты, ворье, идиоты-чиновники, опустившиеся телевизионщики, спящие обыватели, конформисты всех мастей. Это резидентура внешнего врага, и именно она не дает стране собраться с духом и дать последний бой.

In order to repel the external enemy, we must first deal with the internal one. Our internal enemies are the followers of the USA, globalists, dirty thieves, idiotic bureaucrats, debased media workers, the sleeping masses, and conformists of all kinds. The enemy’s residence within our borders prevents us from gathering our strength for the final battle.

Великая Чистка

The Great Cleansing

Мы пришли, чтобы провозгласить эпоху Великой Чистки. Наша цель создать новую армию – армию Евразии. Мы готовы творить Евразийскую Революцию.

We have come to announce the age of the Great Cleansing. Our objective is to establish a new army – the Eurasian Army. We are ready to orchestrate the Eurasian Revolution.

Мы носители воли и молнии, дети древних народов материка – славян, арийцев, тюрок, финнов, угров, монголов, палеоазиатов, кавказцев. Нас всех приговорили архитекторы «всемирного Макдонольдса», наши священные земли и рощи, храмы и города уже скуплены и заложены. У нас нет будущего – нам светит рабство у новых хозяев мира – в мягком концлагере «золотого миллиарда».

We have inherited the fire and will of our forefathers, the ancient peoples of our continent – the Slavs, Aryans, Turks, Finns, Ugric, Mongol, Paleo-Asiatic, and Caucasian peoples. Our enemy sentenced us to be the architects of a “Global McDonald’s,” our sacred lands and groves, temples and cities have already been bought up and incorporated. There is no future for us in slavery to the new masters of the world, in the soft concentration camps of the “golden billion.”[2]

Мы поднимаемся, чтобы взять власть над своей судьбой в свои руки.

We rise up to take our future into our own hands.

Мертвые и Революция

The Revolution and the Dead

В крови нашей растворены наши мертвые, созидавшие древние империи Евразии, крушившие врагов миллионами, не щадившие ни себя, ни других во имя великой цели. Сегодня нам говорят, что эти океаны красной крови были пущены напрасно, что жить, пресмыкаясь на животе, уютнее и разумнее. Это выбор рептилий. Наш выбор — вертикальная походка господина, носителя великой воли.

In our veins flows the blood of our ancestors; the ones who built Eurasia’s ancient empires, crushed enemies by the millions, and spared neither themselves nor others for the sake of their great purpose. Today we are told that this blood was spilled in vain, and that it is more comfortable and reasonable for us to live passively, merely groveling on our stomachs like lowly reptiles. We choose to walk tall, as the masters of our own great destiny.

Наш выбор – Евразийская Революция. Наш удел – багряный восход. Наша судьба – праздник одухотворенной плоти, брачный союз ума и воли.

We choose the Eurasian Revolution. A crimson sunrise is our destiny. And our fate is a celebration of the spiritual flesh, a marriage of the mind and will.

Только пробужденный от сна свободный и могучий воин способен сегодня народить новых детей для Отечества. Только здоровая сильная уверенная в себе и своем народе женщина вскормит настоящее поколение – многочисленное, сытое и буйное, способное восстановить нашу планетарную мощь.

Only a free and mighty warrior who has been awakened from his slumber is capable of bringing new children into the Fatherland. Only a strong, healthy, self-assured and patriotic woman can nurture our present generation to be numerous, well-fed, and revolutionary. Such a generation will be able to reestablish us as a world power.

Наша цель – Империя

Empire is our objective

Наша цель – Евразийская Империя. В ней найдется место всем народам и культурам. Но править в ней будут мудрейшие и сильнейшие, и отбор будет безжалостным.

Our objective is a Eurasian Empire. Within this empire, all nations and cultures will find their place. Selection among leaders will be ruthless, only the strongest and wisest will lead the Empire.

Наша этика – смерть лучше позора. Не можешь быть сильным, лучше не будь вообще.

Our belief is that death is better than living in shame. If one cannot be strong, it is better to not exist at all.

Наш стиль – верность корням и бросок в будущее – по ту сторону запретов. Дерзко, но с опорой на сокровище предков.

Our lives are lived true to our roots and thrust into the future, away from what has been prohibited. We live bold lives based on the most precious values of our ancestors.

Мы предадим героев древности, великих имперостроителей Евразии, если не создадим еще нечто более великое, чем они. И лишь когда мы распластаем границы от океана до океана, глаза наших мертвых окрасятся тихим прозрачным светом: они – наши потомки — сделали это! Иначе мертвые нас в покое не оставят.

It would be a betrayal of the heroes of antiquity, those great empire-builders of Eurasia, if we did not surpass their legacy. And only when we have spread our boundaries from ocean to ocean, will the eyes of our dead ancestors glow with a soft, transparent light – we, their ancestors, will have fulfilled their legacy! Our ancestors will not let us rest until we accomplish our goal.

Лучшая доля

The Greatest Fate

У вас есть иная доля и иная дорога – юный путь в Евразийскую Революцию. Евразийская Революция даст вам смысл, сделает вас ценными. В ней вы получите мандат на бытие, содержательность, перспективу, достоинство и брак. Подобное тянятся к подобному, и в евразийских зонах мы сосредоточим лучшее и самое необходимое: мы научим вас истине, сделаем умными, сильными и красивыми, покажем место в ряду избранников рода, обеспечим путь наверх.

You have a different fate and a different road – the youthful path to the Eurasian Revolution. The Eurasian Revolution will give you purpose and make you valued. You will find a reason for being, a more substantial life, a new perspective, dignity and family. Like minds are drawn together naturally, and we will bring together the best and most needed of those in the Eurasian zones: We will teach you the truth; you will become intelligent, strong, and beautiful; you will be shown your place among the chosen ones; and we will provide you with a path on which to rise.

Стране нужны новые люди, новые кадры, новые дети, новые силы. Веселые и беспощадные.

Our country needs new people, new workers, new children, and new power. It needs people who are joyous and merciless.

Это эскадроны Евразийской Революции. Для них мы объявляем евразийский набор – в «Евразийский Союз Молодежи».

These are the warriors of the Eurasian Revolution. We invite them to a Eurasian collective – the Eurasian Youth Union.

[1] Child sacrifice has historically been associated with the worship of the pagan god Moloch in ancient Carthage. In literature, Moloch often signifies a costly sacrifice, especially when the sacrifice is made blindly, without questioning the power demanding it.

[2] The “golden billion” is a term employed in the Russian-speaking world in reference to the relatively wealthy inhabitants of the industrially developed world, or, stated otherwise, the West.

Jordan Estes is an economics major at Georgetown University. He spent a semester abroad with SRAS’s Central Asian Studies program in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, followed by a summer in Moscow, Russia with SRAS’s Russian as a Second Language program. He hopes to continue his studies of Russia and eventually find work in Moscow related to economics or international relations.


(Pro-)Russian extremists in 2006 and 2014: the Dugin Connection
Anton Shekhovtsov’s blog | 21 August 2014

In August 2006, Russian fascist Aleksandr Dugin and his Eurasian Youth Union (Евразийский союз молодежи, ESM) organised a summer camp where ultranationalist activists were further indoctrinated and trained to fight against democratic movements in neighbouring independent states. Looking at the pictures from that camp, I have identified at least five people who, in 2014, were engaged in the terrorist activities of (pro-)Russian extremists in Eastern Ukraine.

Andrey Purgin in the ESM camp, 2006

Andrey Purgin, 2014

Andrey Purgin, first "Prime Minister" of the "Donetsk People’s Republic". In 2006, he was a leader of the organisation "Donetsk Republic".

Oleg Frolov in the ESM camp, 2006

Oleg Frolov, 2014

Oleg Frolov, a member of the "parliament of the Donetsk People’s Republic". Like Purgin, he was a leader of the "Donetsk Republic" in 2006.

Konstantin Knyrik in the ESM camp, 2006

Konstantin Knyrik, 2014

Konstantin Knyrik, head of the information centre "South-Eastern Front". In 2006, he was a leader of the Crimean branch of the Eurasian Youth Union.

Oksana Shkoda in the ESM camp, 2006

Oksana Shkoda, 2014

Oksana Shkoda, representative of the general headquarters of the "Donetsk People’s Republic".

Aleksandr Proselkov in the ESM camp, 2006

Aleksandr Proselkov next to Pavel Gubarev, "people’s governor" of the "Donetsk People’s Republic", 2014

Aleksandr Proselkov, "deputy foreign minister" of the "Donetsk People’s Republic". Eliminated.

The Eurasian Youth Union was established in 2005 with the money from the Presidential Administration of Russia on the initiative of Aleksandr Dugin and Vladislav Surkov, then deputy head of the Presidential Administration. These pictures are only a small amount of evidence that Russia’s war on Ukraine has been planned a long time ago.

Eurasian Youth Union
Wikipedia | 8 July 2014

Eurasian Youth Union (Russian: Евразийский союз молодёжи; ESM) is a Russian anti-European political organization, the youth wing of the Eurasia Party headed by Aleksandr Dugin. The organization has branches in several countries. The Government of Ukraine has branded the ESM as an extremist, anti-Ukrainian organization, convicted of a string of vandalism offenses and banned it in Ukraine.[1]


According to some observers the Eurasian Youth Union was created as a reaction to the Orange Revolution in Ukraine and the role the younger generation played in it. It is suggested that ESM represents an opposition to a Ukrainian youth organization PORA.[2]

The early-20th century Eurasianism ideology of a part of the Russian emigration and modern Neo-Eurasianism developed by Aleksandr Dugin has been declared the main ideology of the organization. Its ideology also features prominently Russian nationalism and imperialism, calls for the creation of a new Eurasian empire centered around Russia. On its website the movement declared the West and in particular the United States as its main opponent and termed it as the "main evil".

Our Union has one absolute enemy. It is the USA. This is the beginning and the end of our hatred.[3]

In its internal policy the ESM supports the current government of Russia and in particular its President, Vladimir Putin. Some also claim, that the movement receives taciturn support from the Russian Government eager to see a movement opposed to a possibility of an Orange Revolution happening in Russia.[4]


In Russia the Eurasian Youth Union has allied itself with Russian extremist organizations like the National Bolshevik Front, the DPNI and other groups of that type. It organizes and takes part in the annual Russian Marches in Russia and other countries of Eastern Europe. Very often these marches are accompanied by violence, especially in Ukraine.[5]

The ESM took an uncompromising approach to changes that happened in Ukraine after the Orange Revolution in 2004. In particular it set up branches in several Ukrainian cities, voiced its sharp criticism of the pro-Western Ukrainian government. The ESM has been behind a string of attacks on property and organizations they deemed pro-Western. It organised attacks on several Ukrainian Security Service branches, monuments to UPA veterans and hacker attacks on the website of the President of Ukraine. The most prominent of these attacks, that received nation-wide attention was the desecration of Ukrainian state symbols on Mount Hoverla in October 2007.[6] The other attack on Ukrainian targets was in Moscow, where several of ESM members trashed an exhibition devoted to the Holodomor, a term referring to the Ukrainian portion of the Soviet famine of 1932-1933, which is believed in Ukraine to have been a Stalinist genocide targeting Ukrainians.[7] Due to the relatively high profile of these attacks the Ukrainian police asked for assistance from Russia in finding people responsible for them, but no suspects have been apprehended yet.

The organization’s vandalism and sharp anti-governmental stance received wide condemnation among Ukrainian media and provoked the response from different Ukrainian organizations of the opposite orientation; several threats were made against the organization and its members and an arson attack has been reciprocated on the ESM’s offices in Moscow.

By the decision of the courts the Eurasian Youth Organization has been banned in Ukraine, its leaders Dugin and Zarifullin declared personae non grata.[8][9]


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“We Live In The Era Of The End” A Interview with Dari Dougina
Open Revolt! | January 23, 2013

Open Revolt is very happy to present a conversation between the Eurasian Youth Union’s Dari Dougina and our own James Porrazzo.

Dari, the daugher of Alexander Dugin, in addition to her work in the Eurasian Youth Union is also the director of the project Alternative Europe for the Global Revolutionary Alliance.

Dari you are a second generation Eurasianist, daughter of our most important thinker and leader Alexander Dugin. Do you care to share with us your thoughts on being a young militant this deep into the Kali Yuga?

We live in the era of the end – that’s the end of culture, philosophy, politics, ideology. That’s the time without real movement; the Fukuyama’s gloomy prophecy of the ”end of history” turns to be a kind of reality. That’s the essence of Modernity, of Kali Yuga. We are living in the momentum of Finis Mundi. The arrival of Antichrist is in the agenda. This deep and exhausting night is the reign of quantity, masked by the tempting concepts such as Rhizome of Gilles Deleuze: the pieces of the modern Subject changes into the ”chair-woman” from the “Tokyo Gore Police” (post-modern Japanese film) – the individual of the modern paradigm turns into the pieces of dividuum. ”God is dead” and his place is occupied by the fragments of individual. But if we make a political analysis we will find out that this new state of the world is the project of liberalism. The extravagant ideas of Foucault seemingly revolutionary in their pathos after more scruple analyze show their conformist and (secretly) liberal bottom, that goes against the traditional hierarchy of values, establishing pervert “new order” where the summit is occupied by the self-adoring individual, atomistic decay. That’s hard to fight against the modernity, but sure – it’s unbearable to live in it – to agree with this state of the things – where all the systems are changed and the traditional values became a parody – being purged and mocked in all spheres of controls of modern paradigms. That’s the reign of the cultural hegemony. And this state of the world bothers us. We fight against it – for the divine order – for the ideal hierarchy. The cast-system in modern world is completely forgotten and transformed into a parody. But it has a fundamental point. In Plato’s republic – there is very interesting and important thought: casts and vertical hierarchy in politics are nothing but the reflection of the world of ideas and higher good. This model in politics manifests the basic metaphysical principles of the normal (spiritual) world. Destroying the primordial cast system it in the society – we negate the dignity of the divine being and his Order. Resigning from the casts system and traditional order, brilliantly described by Dumezil, we damage the hierarchy of our soul. Our soul is nothing but the system of casts with a wide harmony of justice which unites 3 parts of the soul (the philosophical – the intellect, the guardian – the will, and the merchants – the lust). Fighting for the tradition we are fighting for our deep nature as the human creature. Man is not something granted – it s the aim. And we are fighting for the truth of human nature (to be human is to strive to the superhumanity). That can be called a holly war.

What does the Fourth Political Theory mean to you?

That’s the light of the truth, of something rarely authentic in the post-modern times. That’s the right accent on the degrees of existence – the natural chords of the world laws. That’s something which grows up on the ruins of the human experience. There is no success without the first attempts – all of the past ideologies contained in them something what caused their failure.

The Fourth Political Theory – that’s the project of the best sides of divine order that can be manifested in our world – from liberalism we take the idea of the democracy (but not in it’s modern meaning) and  liberty in the Evolian sense; from communism we accept the idea of solidarity, anti-capitalism, anti-individualism and the idea of collectivism; from fascism we take the concept of vertical hierarchy and the will to power – the heroic codex of the Indo-European warrior.

All these past ideologies suffered from grave shortcomings – democracy with the addition of liberalism became  tyranny (the worst state-regime by Plato), communism defended the technocentric world with no traditions and origins, fascism followed the wrong geopolitical orientation, its racism was Western, Modern, liberal and anti-traditional.

The Fourth Political Theory is the global transgression of this defects – the final design of the future (open) history. It’s the only way to defend the truth.

For us – truth is the multipolar world, the blossoming variety of different cultures and traditions.

We are against racism, against the cultural and strategic racism of the USA’s Western modern civilization, which is perfectly described by professor John M. Hobson in ”The Europocentric conception of world politics”. The structural (open or subliminal) racism destroys charming complexity of the human societies – primitive or complex.

Do you find any special challenges as both a young woman and a activist in this age?

This spiritual war against (post)Modern world gives me the force to live.

I know, that I’m fighting against the hegemony of evil for the truth of the eternal Tradition. It is obscured now, not completely lost. Without it nothing could exist.

I think that any gender and age has its forms to access  the Tradition and its ways to challenge  Modernity.

My existential practice is to abdicate most values of the globalist youth. I think we need to be different from this thrash. I don’t believe in anything modern. Modernity is always wrong.

I consider love to be a form of initiation and spiritual realization. And the family should be the union of  spiritually similar persons.

Beyond your father, obviously, who else would you suggest young militants wishing to learn our ideas study?

I recommend to make acquaintance with the books of Rene Guenon, Julius Evola, Jean Parvulesco, Henri Corbin, Claudio Mutti, Sheikh Imran Nazar Hosein (traditionalism); Plato, Proclus, Schelling, Nietzsche, Martin Heidegger, E. Cioran (philosophy); Carl Schmitt, Alain de Benoist, Alain Soral (politics); John M. Hobson, Fabio Petito (IR); Gilbert Durand, G. Dumezil (sociology). The base kit of reading for our intellectual and political revolution.

You’ve now spent some time living in Western Europe. How would you compare the state of the West to the East, after first hand experience?

In fact, before my arrival to Europe I thought that this civilization is absolutely dead and no revolt could be possible there. I was comparing the modern liberal Europe to bog, with no possibility to protest against the hegemony of  liberalism.

Reading the foreign European press, seeing the articles with titles as ”Putin – the satan of Russia” / ” the luxury life of poor president Putin” / ” pussy riot – the great martyrs of the rotten Russia” – this idea was almost confirmed. But after a while I’ve found some political anti-globalist groups and movements of France – like Egalite&Reconcilation,  Engarda, Fils de France etc – and everything changed.

The swamps of Europe have transformed into something else – with the hidden possibility of revolt. I’ve found the ”other Europe”, the ”alternative” hidden empire, the secret geopolitical pole.

The real secret Europe should be awakened to fight and destroy its liberal double.

Now I’m absolutely sure, that there are 2 Europes; absolutely different – liberal decadent Atlanticist Europe and alternative Europe ( anti-globalist, anti-liberal, Eurasia-orientated).

Guenon wrote in the ”Crisis of the modern world” that we must divide the state of being anti-modern and anti-Western. To be against the modernity – is to help Occident in its fight against  Modernity, which is constructed on liberal codes. Europe has it’s own fundamental culture (I recommend the book of Alain de Benoist – “The traditions of Europe”). So I found this alternative, secret, powerful, Traditionalist other Europe and I put my hopes on its secret guardians.

We’ve organized with Egalite&Reconcilation a conference in Bordeaux in October with Alexander Dugin and Christian Bouchet in a huge hall but there was no place for all the volunteers who wanted to see this conference.

It shows that something begins to move…

Concerning my views on Russia – I’ve remarked that the bigger part of European people don’t trust the media information – and the interest to Russia grows up – it’s seen in the mode of learning Russian, of watching soviet films and many European people understand that the media of Europe are totally influenced by the hegemonic Leviathan, liberal globalist machine of lies. 

So the seeds of protest are in the soil, with  time they’ll grow up, destroying the ”society of spectacle”.

Your whole family is a great inspiration to us here at Open Revolt and New Resistance. Do you have a message for your friends and comrades in North America?

I really can’t help admiring your intensive revolutionary work! The way you are working – in the media – is the way of killing the enemy ”with it’s own poison”, using the network warfare strategy. Evola spoke about that in his excellent book ”Ride the tiger”.

Uomo differenzziato is someone who stays in the center of modern civilization but don’t accept it in his inner empire of his heroic soul. He can use the means and arms of modernity to cause a mortal wound to the reign of quantity and its golems.

I can understand that the situation in USA now is difficult to stand. It’s the center of hell, but Holderlin wrote that the hero must throw himself into abyss, into the heart of the night and thus conquer the darkness.

Any closing thoughts you’d like to share?

Studying in the faculty of philosophy and working on Plato and neo-platonism, I can remark, that politics is nothing but the manifestation of the basic metaphysical principles which lays in the fundament of being.

Making political war for the Fourth Political Theory we are also establishing the metaphysical order – manifesting it in the material world.

Our struggle is not only for the ideal human state – it is also the holy war for reestablishing the right ontology.


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