Dugin’s Novorossiya Project and Romantic Eurasianism III

Alexander Dugin
The Fourth Political Theory

Under capitalism, the capitalists rule. Under socialism – representatives of the working class, the proletariat. Under Nazism and Fascism – racial or national elite, "the new aristocracy". Under Fourth Political Theory should rule the People (Narod in Russian, akin to the German Volk: not "Population").

Modern Russia – has capitalism. Hence, it is ruled by capitalists. Therefore not Narod. In order to build Russia, in which will rule the Narod, it is necessary to carry out an anti-capitalist (anti-oligarchic, at least) Revolution. Financial magnates should be excluded from political power. And that’s the main thing. Everyone should choose – power OR wealth. Choose wealth, forget about power. Choose power – forget about wealth.

The revolution must take place in three stages:

1. Ultimatum to all major oligarchs (one hundred persons of Forbes list and a hundred more in hiding, but we all know whom) swear their allegiance to the Russian assets (all foreign and strategic national assets will now be controlled by special bodies).

2. Nationalization of major private properties of strategic importance.

3. Translation of patriotic representatives of big capital in the category of officials with the voluntary transfer of the property to the State. Defeat in the civil rights (including the deprivation of the right to vote, participation in election campaigns, etc.) to those that prefer to preserve capital in non-strategic, but in a significant scale.

The state should become an instrument of the People. This system be called as such "laocracy", literally, "power of the people (laos – Greek for "people").

In a bloody battle for Ukraine, we see the true face of capital – Ukrainian big business (oligarchs – Poroshenko, Kolomojsky, Ahemetov etc.) lead the genocide against the People; Russian oligarchs betray the people by engaging a criminal agreement with Ukrainian class partners. And all this is in the interests of the global oligarchy – the world capitalist system, centered in the United States.

Now exposes all incompatibility of Russia and capitalism. Either capitalism, or Russia. This is most clearly understood by Novorossia leaders. They, happening at the forefront of the whole Russian People, in fact started this Russian People’s Revolution. That is why it’s them that so furiously attacked the devotees junta mercenaries from the ranks of Ukrainian swine-fascists, as as well liberal capitalist elements in the fifth and sixth columns from Russia. And most importantly they have become existential enemies of the U.S. and the World Government. Strelkov, Gubarev, Purgin, Pushilin, Mozgovoy – challenged global capital. And they did it on behalf of the People. In this case, on behalf of the Russian People. But if supporters of ukrainian People were consistent, they would have been allies of this Revolution, and not miserable hirelings of global capital – as they are now. Turning to the side of Novorossia, Ukrainians turn not as much to Russia, and not even on the Russian side, but on the side of the People, the People with a capital letter, which fights in a deadly battle with the world of Capital, to the side of LAOCRACY.

Therefore the coming campaign against Kiev will not just revenge and not only the liberation of the ancient Russian lands, it will be a campaign against Capital in favor of laocracy, the power of the People, for the People’s State. I do not think that the Russian oligarchy will support this, it can not misunderstand that it’s days are numbered. It’s why it so hysterically screams "do not send troops", since victory of Novorossia will inevitably mean a revival of Russia itself, the awakening of the People. That is the reason for desperate attempts to betray Novorossia. This agony of the Russian oligarchy and its public hirelings. Their task – to destroy the heroes of the Revolution of Novorossian Revolution – not only Popular, but also social, and destroy it in the bud.



Battle for the State. Russians Awaken
Alexander Dugin
Nina Kouprianova | July 11, 2014

An Awakened Russian Defending the Russian World is a True Delight


In the political sense, the situation in Russia is becoming quite critical. These are fundamental shifts rather that fluctuations at the surface. Let us attempt to create a conceptual schema of current events.

There is a People (Narod in Russian, akin to the German Volk: henceforth the term “Narod” will be used—editors), and there are people (population). These are different things (different concepts). And all of them are collectively known as “Russia.” This homonymy generates layers of meaning, and everything gets tangled. Let us orthogonalize the full picture by placing everything onto its own level.

Narod is a historical-cultural community. This is a subject of destiny and creator of history.  However, not all philosophies and ideologies recognize its existence in this sense. Narod does not exist for the Liberals—there is only an aggregate of individuals. Nor does it exist for the Communists—only classes do; for the Nazis—only race exists; and for the fascists—only the state does. And, even though it sounds paradoxical, Naroddoes not exist for the nationalists either—for them, there is a political nation based on individual membership (the classic bourgeois nation is a product of Europe during the period of Modernity). Narod does not exist for all these ideologies—this is the complete ideological nomenclature of Modernity. But it does exist—it is the only thing that truly exists. Heidegger used to say, “Dasein exists through a People” (Das Dasein existiert völkisch). That is to say, man’s presence in the world is given to us through Narod. It provides us with language, appearance, psychological attributes, a place in time (history) and space (geopolitics).

Today, Russia’s Narod awakens breaking through the depths of its dreams—difficult and simple, impoverished and enriched—but dreams nonetheless. It views Crimea and Novorossia as territories of its awakening. Thus, Narod heads to a place where the Russian Light pulls it in like a magnet, shining through the heroes of Novorossia. These are not emotions, chauvinism, or ultra-patriotism. This is not a “hurray” or a surface, but, rather, it is the voice of our ultimate Russian depths. We exist authentically only when faced with death. Only when faced with death does it become clear what it means to be Russian. People go to Novorossia, to Donetsk and Lugansk, obeying the Will of Russian History, drawn in by the Russian Death. It is this Red Death that makes Russians what they are. Death in the world. In the name of Narod. Death for Narod is life. Thus, people go to Novorossia to live in the Russian way.

Igor Strelkov is the symbol of the Russian Narod. Strelkov is the embodiment of our spirit, our will, our resistance. And even if we are not there with him, he makes us ashamed of ourselves and proud of him, but most important, he inspires Faith in ourNarod. Strelkov exists authentically. In him, our Narod finds its image. And all those who are with him—Gubarev, Motorola, Mozgovoi, Babai, Purgin, and all the heroes of the Donetsk and Lugansk Peoples’ Republics, living or dead—they are all our Narod, its faces. As it is. As it exists. One cannot rip it out, pollute it, or relativize it.

There is also a population, the people. If our Narod is united on both sides of the border, then the population is different. People are not exactly Narod, or more specifically, not quite Narod. They could become the latter if the depths awaken in them, if they face Death, if they wake up. But they could also fail. In that case, they are individuals concerned with survival, comfort, contentment, success, career, material well-being, etc. The individual is the antithesis of Narod, a product of its decay. Narod separates into individuals in order for them to unite in it once again—as in a Church, Cathedral, Motherland. But sometimes this return does not happen. Then we are faced with the pure individual. On his own. In Greek, this kind of a pure individual without any ties to the Whole or his Narod was known as idiotes, a private citizen, which is the source for the term “idiot.” Population comprises idiots in the etymological sense. Narod is something entirely different—it is that which man becomes only when he addresses his own depths, lives inside history, and hears the voice of the Motherland’s sacred space. It is the individual that all political theories of Modernity address: they unite the individuals in different ways: Marxism—into classes, nationalism—into political nations, Liberals—into a civil society, but none of these is a People— Narod. Thus, Modernity rejects Naroddealing only with disparate people. People of Russia consider those in southeastern Ukraine to be different. And they are correct: from the legal standpoint, this is formally the case if the voice from the depths remains silent. In this case, it is absurd to speak of the Russian World, Russian Civilization, and Great Russia. Instead, there are the respective populations of two administrative units, two groups of individuals that have their own interests and goals. Thus, the population of Russia, people of Russia could remain deaf to Novorossia’s pain. According to this kind of logic, different people live there. They are murdered, violated, slaughtered, shelled, and bombed, but this is none of our business. This is neither good, nor pleasant, but, perhaps, they had done something wrong—people think. Yes, people survive. But Narod lives. Herein lies the difference. In order to live, Narod sends its best sons and daughters to their Death. Death for the sake of Narod, for the sake of Life. Not survival—Life.

There also is a State. This is a mechanism, a superstructure. In it, a People—Narod sees its creation and, perhaps, the most successful of its creations. Narod creates the State as a product of its historical will, and is proud of it. But the State could tear away fromNarod, forgetting its foundations. And then it could turn into a self-sufficient and dead mechanism, a machine. States could be living, but they could also be dead. A living State does not sever its links with its Narod, which created it, drawing its power from it. It lives and exists. It is. But when the State degenerates, it becomes an apparatus, machine, bureaucratic mechanism rather than an organic living whole. In that case, the State begins to view its Narod as a population, disparate people, and a mechanical sum of atoms. Any unification of these atoms—into a class, nation, or a society—is always arbitrary. The contemporary European State in the era of Modernity emerged dead from the onset. This is a mechanism of agglomerating a population. This kind of a State kills its Narod and turns it into a population. This kind of a State parasitically lives off itsNarod, its pain and suffering. It kills its Narod. Finds benefit in this. Makes a Gesheft. This is the State of managers and mechanics; more specifically—a State of traders and businessmen.

Today, this question is particularly acute: what is the Russian State at the moment? Does it belong to its Narod? Or is it mechanical? This is the principal dilemma for Putin, personally, as the head if this State with a vague dual identity. The rise of patriotism in Russia, reunification with Crimea, and the confrontation with the West are all signs of a People’s—Narod’s presence. Cynical political technologists (political scientists), the all-powerful and constantly lying top-level managers, mad corruption, dominant Liberalism, anti-Narod oligarchy, Westernizing on the part of the intelligentsia and the elites all point to the State of death, the State of survival. Putin has been balancing on this narrow fence between the State of a People—Narod and that of the mechanical and alienated Liberal elite for the past 14 years. He kept taking steps in one direction, then another. Of course, without a certain kind of support for Novorossia, today’s picture—even if critically difficult—would not be possible. Were Putin solely on the side if a dead State, Russia Corp., he would have betrayed everything himself long ago. But this is not the case. He comprises the painful drama of the Russian Statehood and its nature, crucified between Narod and the elite (always dependent upon the mass of surviving idiots—idiots in the etymological sense of the word, that is private citizens, individuals). In other words, the picture is as follows: on the one side, Putin (=State) has Strelkov as an embodiment of Narod. This is Novorossia as a whole. These are Russians and all that is Russian. On the other side, there is the elite (Yurgens in all his expressions), bureaucracy (Government, Administration), and average citizens. This is a mechanical, contemporary, Liberal, and Western State—in any case, not Narod, and in a certain sense, anti-Narod. Putin stands in between. Not Putin personally, but rather the State, its meaning and nature. .

Novorossia and its dramatic fate—specifically expressed in the stories of Strelkov, Gubarev, Mozgovoi, and others—which our Narod, Russians watch with bated breath—is one of Putin’s (Russia’s) paths. The other takes us in the direction of compromisers, blatant traitors, provocateurs, intrigue-makers, Liberals, and Westernizers (hidden or obvious), which use Russia’s duality in their own way. It is they that are the sixth column, which, in essence, is no different from the fifth one. The population always obeys the top-level management. After all, being fired, hired, bonuses, and penalties—in other words, survival—depend on it. Narod wants a Tsar as an embodiment of its own greatest will throughout history, as a sacred figure, as that which unites the Earth and the Sky, that enlightens and spiritualizes Narod itself. It does not see top-level management. It sees a Ruler. For Narod, Russia is the State of Russia’s Narod and those that linked their fate with it.

Today, these two poles—Narod and anti-Narod—have entered into the harshest confrontation. No one could say how this would end. Every scenario is possible. And Putin is being torn apart. His balanced strategy is no longer useful. History places the either/or dilemma in front of him: either his Narod or the elite (plus a mechanical, atomized, divided population). Either Civilization Russia (which means morality, Novorossia, Strelkov, and Gubarev) or Corporation Russia (which means pragmatism, political realism, and, ultimately, Yurgens and his variants).

This is the most difficult moment. Our People—Narod has made its choice. It has awakened, even if not in its entirety and not fully, but…Take a look around—Russians appear everywhere out of the depths of the survival slumber.  And boldly head to Novorossia. To die, that is, to Live. To Live authentically, as that which Is. Strelkov marks the horizon of our self-identification, and it is completely irrelevant who he is as an individual. He is the one for whom we waited for so long. He is the hero of Russians. And this is sufficient. He himself clearly says that he us Putin’s ray of light, his solar incarnation. And he is right. If Putin did not have this particular side, then there would be no Crimea or the heroic defense of Slavyansk. The fact that Novorossia still is—is unthinkable without this part of Russia, that of Narod. But another thing is also evident: the second (lunar) side of the State has rebelled. Traitors and “technologists” have declared a war on Novorossia, its leaders and symbols. They declared a war on Strelkov. And again, we have lies instead of battles. Betrayals instead of help. Disunity instead of solidarity. Treachery instead of loyalty. Do you recognize this modus operandi?

This is anti-Narod as such. And it offered Narod a deadly challenge. In comparison, Ukrainian Nazis are simply pawns at the hands of the global anti-Narod fading into the background. If there were not a powerful group of traitors in Moscow at the very top, we would already be outside of Kiev. Of course, we will still be there. Narod will be there. Russians will be there. But there is the following question: what about the State? Which path will it choose? Is it with Narod or its antithesis? This battle is more frightening than any military initiative. By changing the ratio ever so slightly at the surface, at the periphery, we end up with colossal results. As soon as the traitors slightly change the reports as to what is really going in in Novorossia, they create disinformation, increase uncertainty, and leave determination behind. Everything works: false arguments, selective usage of facts, lies—here the anti-Narod bureaucracy is a master.

I did not anticipate that the war against the sixth column at the top would be so bloody and difficult, and that its counter-offensive would be so cruel. After all, losing thousands of citizens in Novorossia, murders of women and children—these are simply the consequences of the actions carried out by the sixth column in Russia, which has been attempting to push the State onto its side. Its thesis—pull Strelkov out, begin negotiations, compromise with the junta—else its stolen wealth in the billions, real estate abroad,  families taken there long ago, omnipotence in Russia—will suffer. After all, it is anti-Narod that the elite comprises almost fully. There is only one ambassador for Narod. But he is restrained by the State’s machine of death.

As in 1612 during the Times of Troubles, Narod must take its own initiative. It cannot solely depend on the State. The latter is partly paralyzed by the sixth column. Even Putin cannot bear all of the responsibility. Historic Being is our cause—the cause of the Russians. Russians today are Novorossia, on the map and in the heart, on the machine gun and on the social-networking avatar. What a difficult moment…I do not recall another one of this caliber in my life…But it is also joyous! An awakened Russian defending the Russian World—this is true delight. We are armed Russians, what a delight!

Translated by Nina Kouprianova



It’s Not About Dugin
Matt Parrott
Traditionalist Youth Network | May 20, 2014

Over at The Occidental Observer, Domitius Corbulo warns us that “Alexander Dugin’s 4th Political Theory is for the Russian Empire, not for European Ethno-Nationalists.” Narrowly, Corbulo’s thesis is true. Professor Dugin is a staunch Russian patriot with a proudly weaponized ideology. The framework he presents in 4PT is a political effort to draw myriad philosophies and factions at odds with NATO into a broad coalition. As a man who also struggles to walk that fine line between objective theorist and political activist, I’m intimately familiar with the tightrope gymnastics involved.

Dugin’s professorial global theoretician avatar cannot be trusted, a truism which has already been driven into the ground by numerous New Right thinkers. Dugin can only be trusted to fight for his patriotic Russian vision. I say that lovingly, as a man who dedicates his life to the advancement of his people is at least as noble as an objective scholar. Besides, the myth of global objectivity is itself a pernicious Western liberal machination of the Zionist neo-Nazi running dog lackeys!

Sorry. Sorry. I couldn’t resist.

Whatever you think of Dugin, he’s largely beside the point. What’s happening is far greater than Dugin, and it’s far too great for any one man, even a man as ambitious and capable as Dugin, to master. Much the same way that Thomas Edison deserves credit for inventing the light bulb after having laboriously tested hundreds of filaments on his way to the right material, Alexander Dugin deserves credit for inventing the phenomenon of Tradition as a global ideology in opposition to the Western elites. He clouds his works up with hundreds upon hundreds of other ideas, many of which are useless or irrelevant for ourselves, but this one idea of his is the defining idea which will define the geopolitics of the coming century.

Back in March, Obama assured America’s mainstream news outlets that Russia cannot prevail in the Ukraine or anywhere else precisely because “unlike the Soviet Union, Russia leads no bloc of nations, no global ideology.” Perhaps Obama is ignorant of the RadTrad framework which is being gradually adopted and adapted by the Kremlin. Perhaps he fails to realize its potential as a far more coherent and unifying force against Obama and his gaggle of oligarchs than Marxism could have ever hoped to be. Whatever the case, Russia is definitely incubating a global ideology, gathering a bloc of allied nations, and cultivating an effective challenge to the hegemonic Western liberal world order.

Alexander Dugin

Trusting Dugin isn’t necessary, because this isn’t about Dugin, or even Russia, or even Eurasia. It’s about Russia slipping inexorably into the Hegelian antithesis of American decadence. Even if Dugin or the Russian Deep State would like to steer this development in a different direction, they can’t. Time and time again, they’re learning through trial and error that promoting identitarian and traditionalist messages captivates global audiences and entices allies, while variances from that message (like accusing opponents of being “Nazis”, dabbling in neo-Marxist racial and gender theory, and trying to imagine that these universal abstract principles are specific to the Eurasian sphere) fall flat.

If, through an obstinate refusal to accept the gift laid squarely in their lap, the Russian state fails to take up this mantle, the idea and the opportunity is already out there. It would be an excellent vehicle for China, as the Middle Kingdom awakens from its geopolitical coma in the coming decades. Any global elite which wishes to effectively challenge the Western liberal elites with an opposing global ideology must necessarily promote the faith and folk worldview which is under assault from this secular and consumerist anti-cultural global ideology.

Obama insisted in his speech that “Russia stands alone”. He’s right. At this point, Russia stands alone as the only global elite effectively positioned to benefit geopolitically from the death of liberal Modernity in the hearts and minds of Eurasians, the Global South, and even us Americans right here in the global elites’ backyard. This is largely owing to Dugin’s genius, and he is definitely, and rightfully so, “the most prominent New Right thinker in the world.”



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