Strasbourg appeal on the case of Beslan weighs 43 kilograms

Victims of terrorist acts to seek the truth in 127 Russian courts. | 08/31/2012

In late September 2004, "Novaya Gazeta" has opened a news bureau in Beslan. Two years, passing as the baton, the keys to a rented one-room apartment, a journalist Beslan were chronicled. So we break the information blockade state. Barely four months after the attack. In the New Year, the last in 2004 issue of "New" – a terrible report of Anna Politkovskaya. In his New Year address by President Putin Beslan – words.

– But we know what will happen after the Beslan – said Politkovskaya.

We sat in the kitchen of our bureau. And she began to talk about the "Nord-Ost". Or rather, that was after.

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Trendwatcher The Ashes of Beslan

Natalia Antonova
RIA Novosti
17:41 03/09/2012

“They think we’ve forgotten!” Friends and strangers wrote on social networks on September 1. “They want us to forget!”

It is not that the authorities necessarily want anyone to forget the Beslan hostage crisis of 2004, of course – it’s just that they would prefer that people focus on a certain narrative of the tragedy that occurred at the local school there, one that doesn’t involve any mention of possible mistakes made by officials in charge.

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Shamil Basayev about events in Beslan…!

Publication time: 1 September 2012, 22:48

1 year after the events in Beslan, Shamil Basayev sent to editorial staff of the Kavkaz Center a statement, which was composed in the style of the answer to the open letter of the Chechen journalist Akhmad of Ichkeria, which was published on the site Kavkaz Center a month earlier.

To the 8th anniversary of the Beslan events Kavkaz Center again publishes full text of this statement.

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Russian Activists Accuse Kremlin Of Trying To ‘Forget Beslan’

by Maria Stroikova
Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty
September 03, 2012

MOSCOW — September 3 was a solemn day in Russia — the Day of Remembrance of Victims of Terrorist Attacks. In Moscow, wreaths were laid and candles lit at the sites of 12 different terrorist incidents that have taken dozens of lives in the capital in recent years.

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